ABU Don Urges Govt To Transform Almajiri System Over Looming Danger

Dr. Ahmad Jibrin Suleiman, a university lecturer with the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, has urged all the Northern states government to transform the Almajiri system in order to avoid looming danger it poses to the society.

Dr. Suleiman, in a lecture titled, “Transforming Almajiri System: Is the North Ready?, stated that abolishing the Almajiri system in Northern Nigeria completely would do more harm than good in the region.

Almajiri Children. Photo: Premium Times Nigeria
Almajiri Children. Photo: Premium Times Nigeria

“Terminating the system is not the answer to the problem, because today in Northern Nigeria, there are more idle youths that have no future than before.

“If you meet ten youths in any street in Northern Nigeria, you will discover that five of them have no future. So the Almajiri system needs to be reformed, but the reformation should not just be based on merely restructuring the methodology.

“Northern Nigeria needs to look inwards; a lot of things are happening because the system is a symptom of a larger disease growing in the society,” he stated.


Suleiman argued that religion was now taking an outward appearance, but losing its inward dominance that supported the people in the past, adding that fifty year ago, Northerners were better Muslims taking care of their neighbours comapred to this present period.

The don, who explained that he came from an Almajiri background, stated that in the past, families used to take pride of the number of Almajiri they take care of, lamenting that today that system has collapsed.

He advised the government to use the Almajiri system to draw stakeholders closer since all things were available within the system insisting that government could introduce by-laws and taxation system like India, Sudan, Turkey, Pakistan did to support education in their country.

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