Before the Federal Government misdirects education again – Part 4

It should be pointed out that the peculiarities of the various regions in Nigeria necessitates the development or derivation of either regional core curricula or regional frameworks from which district or school curricula could be generated. A country like Nigeria with its highly geographically and climatically differentiated zones is best served through local curricula derived from regional core curricula which themselves are derived from the national curriculum framework. How can these curriculum developmental experiences, at these various stages, materialize for Nigeria? That is the essence of stakeholder consultation at which point the political and technical stakeholders play significant role which is obviously missing in the narration contained in the excerpt in question. I do not think Nigeria deserves the likelihood of the Kenyan curriculum crisis.

The Federal Government may want to respect expertise and professionalism in this regard. The country has always seen education as a domain where every individual, regardless of his or her level of education, can perform. This is grounded in the thinking that every educated citizen knows something about teaching and there is no one that cannot teach! However, misconceptions about education in Nigeria are not restricted to people with low level of education. The erroneous thinking that it is a territory that is open to being trodden by all has truly prompted everyone into pronouncing rather erroneously upon and recommending a reform for the system. Consequently, even the good intentions of appreciably educated and concerned stakeholders who offered some recommendations have been articulated rather inaccurately. This lays credence to the plight of education as a discipline committed to the unprofessional hands of lay persons and non-specialists. Every Nigerian thinks the current school curriculum is outdated, archaic and should be “redesigned”!

The Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi wants the curriculum “redesigned” because it is “civil service-oriented” and therefore recommends “entrepreneurship-focussed” education curriculum for the economic development of the country. The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai wants it “reviewed” for it is “outdated and archaic” because it was grounded in the 20th Century while we are in the 21st Century. He recommends as a way out a holistic review and mother tongue education.

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