CIAPS Director Laments Neglect of Websites

Prof. Anthony Kila, Director of the Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS) has lamented the neglect of websites by Federal and State Governments.

Prof. Kila stated this at an event, which was recently organised by the centre in Lagos to disclose the report of e-governance in states’ websites, saying that he was not satisfied with the outcome of the research.

“When you talk about democracy, e-governance tackles pollution and corruption best. It is something that anyone with an android phone or a laptop can do by themselves.

CIAPS Lecture. Photo: CIAPS
CIAPS Lecture. Photo: CIAPS

“E-Governance must be taken seriously because the world is going digital. Very soon only the dead will not be active online. The future is digital. So, the rational thing to do is to be prepared to go digital too. It is sad that we still have to tell our leaders this at this point in time.

“We used 10 criteria to judge the basic things including updated interactivity, content relevance, user friendliness, updates, enpowerment opportunity, directory, policies, accountability and call to action.

“Sadly, only two states scored 70 per cent and above in the whole of the process. We broke it down to four segments that consisted of the top 10 states, the middle states, the bottom 10 and the non-existent websites states.

“Kaduna led all other states with 72 per cent, while Delta followed with 70 per cent. On the non-existent list, we have Adamawa, Bayelsa, Cross-River, Niger, Imo and Zamfara states. There is no data on interactivity because all that were evaluated failed to respond to our mails after communicating to them via their e-mail addresses provided on their websites,” he stated.

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