Corps Member Who Was Shot During Service Accuses NYSC of Withholding Allowances

Dada Gbega, a corps member, who was shot in March at his primary place of assignment in Bayelsa State, according to Premium Times, has accused the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) of seizing his two months allowances.

It was reported of how hoodlums on the 20th of March, 2019 attacked a hostel where corps members serving at Victory International School, Swali Yenagoa in Bayelsa lived, where two corps members were killed in the attack.

Four months later, families of the victims made it known that NYSC and Police had denied them the consolation of getting a clear picture of the sad incident.

Gbenga Dada, Corps Member who was shot during service. Photo: Premium Times
Gbenga Dada, Corps Member who was shot during service. Photo: Premium Times

Loto B.O, the NYSC Coordinator in Bayelsa State, did not respond to a Premium Times request for his response to the accusations by the families of the victims.

Meanwhile, the only survivor of the attack, Dada, was not paid his April and May monthly allowances while he was in hospital receiving treatment due to gunshots injuries from the reported attack.


“After I left the hospital, I was redeployed to Kogi state but my monthly allowances for April and May were not paid despite several efforts to get it. I was still in the hospital at Bayelsa when they did clearance for the payment of the two months. Till this moment, NYSC refused to pay me. All my requests to get paid have been futile despite writing to them,” Dada stated.


The NYSC scheme is compulsory for Nigerians who graduate before the age of thirty. It is an experience many graduates look forward to.

To get monthly payment, corps members are expected to get monthly letters from their place of primary assignment to confirm that they truly worked for the month.

After receiving the letter, they take it to the NYSC Secretariat at the local government following which they are paid for the month.

However, Dada couldn’t do this because of his predicament which was known to NYSC. He was at the hospital receiving treatment.

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