Girl-Child Advocate Urges FG To Provide Compulsory, Qualitative Basic Education For Children


Bridget Kolade, a girl-child advocate, has urged the Federal Government to provide compulsory, qualitative and free basic education for children to reduce the illiteracy level in Nigeria.

Kolade made the urge at the opening of the 2019 August Girls’ Assembly (AGA) which was organised by Worth-in-Womanhood arm of the Vine Branch Ministries.

She made it known that to secure Nigeria’s future, the FG must play its role in bringing out the best in the girl-child.

“Without education, human beings are no better than animals, so our children must know that compulsorily they must be in school. Any parent who does not put his or her ward in school should be arrested because the child does not have a say of his or her own.

Girl-child. Photo: Guardian Nigeria
Girl-child. Photo: Guardian Nigeria

“Sometimes, when you go round the city, you will see children of three to four years old hawking, parents of such youngsters should be arrested if the government is serious about changing our future. Those who are put in air-conditioned schools, their lives would be at risk of those roaming the streets because of lack of education,” she stated.

Kolade also stressed the need to inform girls on how to protect themselves from sexual abuse, which is daily on the increase.

“Our focus, more than ever before is to let the girl-child know that she is vulnerable by virtue of her makeup though she is loaded with beauty, honour, and grace from God. So, she must be very careful about how she handles herself against sexual abuses in particular, she added.

She further stated that the event, whish is targeted at imparting 2000 girls in Oyo State with the right information is to promote godliness in girls.

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