Group Calls On Parents, Teachers To Adopt Alternative Discipline Strategies

The Supportive Discipline Group (SDG), a non-governmental organisation, has called on teachers and parents to adopt a better and mild approach to discipline their children/wards.

The Convener, Akin Benjamin, while speaking at the first anniversary of the group, explained that the organisation was established to create a paradigm shift from abusive parenting and teaching methods while creating awareness of proven alternative discipline strategies that parents and teachers can use to raise responsible citizens.

SDG Group; Priscilla Benjamin-Olaoye, Akin Benjamin, Barrister Folake Bejide. Photo: Guardian Nigeria
SDG Group; Priscilla Benjamin-Olaoye, Akin Benjamin, Barrister Folake Bejide. Photo: Guardian Nigeria

The first year anniversary event which was themed ‘Making a case for positive discipline approaches: No excuse for child abuse’, was held at Pottersland School, Lekki, Lagos. The event drew teachers and parents from different schools across Nigeria.

According to the Convener of the Group, SDG is a group that has zero tolerance for indiscipline but advocate proven alternatives to all forms of physical punishment.

“Raising children that will be bold without beinf brash, assertive without being rude, proud without being arrogant, and confident because they have not been cowed.

Sharing from his twenty-five years experience in the classroom, he said parents and teachers should first start with having a heart that is willing to understand the reason behind a child’s behaviour.

He said both teachers and parents should maintain zero tolerance for indiscipline but don’t engage in abusive discipline methods.

“In stead, set up consequences and reward jars, a token system that works, withdraw privileges, increase safe house chores as a consequence and use reward outings,” he added.


Folake Bejide, a legal practitioner, in her keynote speech on Legal issues relating to corporal punishment in Nigeria, explained that section 295(4) of the Criminal Code 2004 that regulates the use of physical punishment by teachers, emphasised that the law stipulated only the use of corporal punishment for children old enough to understand why they are being punished.

Bejide urged parents and teachers to adopt better discipline alternatives.

Priscilla Benjamin Olaoye, who spoke on the ‘Psychological impact of negative discipline’ made it known that children are like seeds in the hands of parents and teachers hence should be given the right nuture and environment to grow into successful and responsible adults.

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