Kwara South District Wants Most Senior DVC As KWASU VC

Main Entrance, KWASU. Photo: KWASU
Main Entrance, KWASU. Photo: KWASU

Indigenes and members of the Kwara South Senatorial District, under the aegis of the Leadership of Kwara South Consultative Forum, have called on the Governor of the state, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to ensure fairness and equality in the distribution of appointments in the state.

The group made the call during a press briefing which was held in Ilorin. The group categorically stated that in order to ensure fairness in power distribution among the three Senatorial districts, the government should appoint the most senior Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Kwara State University as Acting Vice Chancellor of the institution.

The group, which was led by Chief Joseph Aderibigbe, an elder statesman, appealed to all indigenes of the three districts of Kwara state to allow fairness and justice to rule their minds.

The group pointed out that the Kwara Central Senatorial District had been in power at the expense of the other Senatorial districts which the group sees as marginalisation in appointment of a VC.

“The Kwara Central Senatorial District should recognise that every district, like every man, has a right to be treated as a district equal in opportunity to be enjoyed and treated fairly, justly and equitably,” he stated.

The group also disagreed with an assertion by the apex socio cultural organisation of indegenes of Ilorin emirate, the IEDPU, to the effect that a policy has been in place to appoint indigenes of a particular area as heads of institutions cited in their domains.

“We recollect that indigenes of the Ilorin emirate had at one time or the other headed institutions outside their domains,” he added.

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