Lagos State University Keeps Students Waiting Endlessly For CBT Exams

The Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo campus during the week, kept its student taking the Computer-Based examinations scheduled at different times waiting endlessly due to inadequate computer facility.

According to findings made by schoolworld, the management of the university went ahead to schedule the exam for all the Faculties knowing fully well that the school does not have enough computer systems to accomade all the students.

The students lamented that the time table should have been planned such that different faculties would take the examination on different days instead of forcing everyone to take the exams on the same day.

Main Entrance, Lagos State University (LASU). Photo: Guardian
Main Entrance, Lagos State University (LASU). Photo: Guardian

However, some sources made it known that the management may have taken the decision to ensure that the systems are powered the same day for everyone.

Some of the institution’s students who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that they would prefer to be informed ahead through the exam docket the appropriate time to come for the examination instead of making them to arrive by 8am, only to stay till 4.30pm without writing the exams when they still have other papers to prepare for.

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