NSChE Calls For Review of Engineering Curriculum In Relation To Global Trends

The Education Committee of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE) has demanded for a review of the engineering curriculum in relation to global trends and the emerging needs of the country’s economy.

The Society, in a statement released at the end of a workshop which was held at the Julius Berger Hall of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), and signed by its National President, Prof. Sam Adefila and Chairman, Education Committee, Dr. Atoke Ogunbayo, expressed concern on the adequacy of the chemical engineering curriculum in various tertiary institutions across the country.

The statement stressed the need to review it to bring them to world-class standard through appropriate benchmarks.

Participants at the one-day workshop which was themed, “A review of the Chemical Engineering curriculum in Nigerian universities and polytechnics” listed the core challenges and made recommendations on ways of enhancing the course in Nigeria.

Prof. Samuel Adefila, NSChE President. Photo: Guardian Nigeria
Prof. Samuel Adefila, NSChE President. Photo: Guardian Nigeria

“The laboratories, workshops and IT facilities available in most schools are poor and grossly inadequate. There are too many students in the classes, for the resources available. Besides, the typical curriculum is overloaded; thereby leaving no room for students to develop vitally required critical thinking and analytical skills. It also tends to be unduly wide, ultimately sacrificing in-depth understanding of fundamentals.

“The curriculum does not sufficiently emphasise requisite soft skills and business skills, which are absolutely essential in today’s world. Often it is not designed with in-built course pre-requisites, which ensure that students are adequately prepared for courses enrolled for,” the statement reads.

To address the trend, the group has tasked COREN to intervene in upholding standards in engineering schools across the country.

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