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Over Five Hundred School Children Commence Training At Police College’s Badminton Club

Well over five hundred school children are taking part in the Police College Badminton Club summer holiday clinic, which the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) organised in conjuction with Pragmatic Badminton Academy.

According to reports made available to schoolworld, the Badminton Clinic, kicked off on Monday and will end on the 6th of September, 2019 at the Mutual Benefit Assurance Police Badminton Complex, Police College in Ikeja Lagos.

The organisers of the clinic made it known that the training is geared towards discovering more talents from the grassroots.

Badminton Training. Photo: Guardian Nigeria
Badminton Training. Photo: Guardian Nigeria

Speaking at the training, Police Badminton Club Captain, Macaulay Igwe, stated that the clinic was organised to ensure that children learn the rudiments of the game from their formative stage.

“The clinic is organised to ensure children get trained in badminton techniques during the holidays. Training children give more hope that badminton will continue to bring out talents who would do the nation proud at the international level in the future.

“Our objective at the Police College Badminton Club is to raise credible children that would be world champions in future. The event is free, to enable every child have the opportunity to learn the game. We thank our sponsors, Mutual Benefit Assurance, and other companies associated with the clinic for making the event come to reality,” he stated.

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