Pogoson Expresses Dissatisfaction Over Montessori Education In Nigeria

Ms. Bimpe Pogoson, President, Foundation of Montessori Education In Nigeria, has espressed dissatisfaction with the way some schools’ owners run Montessori education in the country.

She made the expression at the annual general meeting of the association in Lagos.

According to the President, the reason people use the name Montessori was because of the founder of Montessori education, the late Maria Montessori, she did not invent the name.

Foundation of Montessori Education in Nigeria. Photo: Facebook
Foundation of Montessori Education in Nigeria. Photo: Facebook

“A lot of people use that name Montessori because the woman did not patent her name. Unfortunately, you will go to some school environments and you will be wondering why they call such schools Montessori schools,” she stated.


Mrs. Noyenum Emafo said Montessori education was capable of helping pupils to get the best education.

“We base what we are doing here on three pillars that the AMI itself has which is to promote Montessori’s legacy, to promote capacity and also expand the outreach base,” Emafo stated.

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