Private Universities In Abuja & Surroundings + School Fees

It’s now an established fact that private tertiary institutions have come to stay permanently in Nigeria which have grown to be a core part of the country’s improvement when it comes to education and overall leaning culture.

According to the National Universities Commission (NUC), there are four accredited private universities in Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is one of the frontrunners when it comes to education.
The four private universities in Abuja are; Veritas University, Turkish Nile University, Baze University and African University of Science and Technology.

Abuja boasts of some of the most expensive private universities across the country. Two of the institutions make up the top five of universities that pay the highest school fees in Nigeria.

Turkish Nile University
Turkish Nile University, one of the private universities in Abuja and its environs
List of Private Universities In Abuja and Surroundings

Veritas University
Veritas University is owned by the Catholic Church of Nigeria and was established in 2002. The National University Commission (NUC) visited the institution just once and it was accrediately after the visit.
The facilities and environment of the Catholic owned institution are condusive for learning. The school fees of the universitiy ranges from N400,000 to N600,000 depending on the course of study.

Turkish Nile University
The Turkish Nile University is the most expensive private university in Nigeria. The institution which is sometimes called Nigerian-Turkish Nile University can boast of one of the most comfortable learning environments in Nigeria.
As an international university, the institution’s fees are quite expensive and differ depending on the course of study which excludes accomodation fees. School fees are between the range of N2,300,000 and N5,750,000.

The African University of Science and Technology
The African University of Science and Technology (ASUT) is a university system concept that was established by the Nelson Mandele Institution (NMI). The university is aimed toward bringing the highest level of technical learning facilities to Africa.
The school represents a global effort to raise Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic development and improvement through the promotion of distinction in applications of science and technology.
According to reports, the tuition fees of ASUT has not been made public but will be updated as soon as it is made public.

Baze University
Baze University is the second most expensive private university in the country. Apart from the calibre of students that attends the school, its facilities and learning standard make the institution stand out among other private universities across the country.
The fees also differ depending on the course of study. The fees ranges between N2,500,000 and N2,600,000.

Greenfield University
Greenfield University is a private institution sitauted in Kaduna, Kaduna State (which is not far from Abuja). The private owned university was established by Engr. Simon Nwakacha in January 2019 and kick-off with academic activities for the 2019/020 session in May 2019.
The university was established to develop students to become experts in various fields as they gain internationally recognised qualifications, skills, exposure and competences.
The fees is considerably affordable as the it ranges between N600,000 and N650,000 depending on the choice of study.

Bingham University
The Bingham University is located in Karu which is about twenty-five Kilometres from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. The institution was established in 2005 by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) as a Conventional University.
The private institution is one of the six private universities in the Northern part of the country and the only one established by a Christian organisation.
The school fee of the private owned-university is not really on the high side and quite affordable compared to some other universities in Abuja. The fee ranges between N650,00 and N1,000,000 depending on the course of study.

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