Reasons Emerge Why Nigerian Doctors In Teaching Hospitals Are Vulnerable To Depression, Burnout

Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Photo: The Guardian
Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Photo: The Guardian

Some more reasons have been made visible on why Nigerian doctors are depressed, burnout, commit medical errors and have several mental health challenges.


Dr. Olusegun Olopa, President, National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) told journalists that most doctors in public hospitals are over-worked because there are not enough house officers and resident doctors in most of the teaching and general hospitals in the country.


According to NARD President, most teaching hospitals, including the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), have not employed any doctor in the last two years to replace many of those that have left the country.


According to his findings, burnout has an adverse impact on professionalism, reduces the quality of care, increases the risk of medical errors, impairs patient satisfaction and encourages early retirement.

He added by saying that work overload and unpaid salaries were the major reasons resident doctors and house officers at LUTH embarked on an indefinite strike.


He said the burnout is highly prevalent among resident doctors and the mental health of doctors is an issue of groeing concern all over the world as it frequently interplays with their professional trainings and responsibilities.


Report revealed that the consultants, nurses, pharmacists and other professionals at LUTH have been offering skeletal services to patients.

However, some patients called out to the Federal Government to intervene in the strike by the medical practioners at LUTH.

Some relatives of patients said only student doctors were attending to their sick ones, others said senior doctors were attending to their sick ones who needed emergency surgery.


However, the management of LUTH yesterday said that all the demands put forward by the medical practitioners were baseless and not true.

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