School Director Stresses Importance of Cultural Diversity Among Pupils

Halifield Schools, Lagos has recently organised a 2-1 concert to celebrate the different cultures of the world in a bid to train the total child to be distinct and confidently face the future.

According to the Director of the school, Mrs. Halimat Oke, the event was a celebration of different cultures in one world. The event was held at the Terra Culture in Lagos.

Mrs. Halima Efe Oke, Proprietress, Halifield Schools
Mrs. Halima Efe Oke, Proprietress, Halifield Schools

“One of the reasons for the presentation was for a long term study. It is the best way to teach children not to forget, it also affords learners to imbibe a lot of knowledge.

“What these children have learnt durinf the time of practice will never be forgotten by them. They have learnt about different cultures and anthems that most adults don’t know,” Oke stated.


The Director added by saying that, “Long term studies, is vital for knowledge, it also affords children the stage presence which enables them to have good communication skills and poise. Repeated presence on stage builds their confidence in the world.

“We are preparing our children for the world stage, it is a global world and so our children will have to be ready to occupy their space. Presentation is also a way to bring out the talents that our children have.”


The world concert which was tagged ‘One world, diverse culture’ featured different performances by the pre-school and elementary section where there was display of cultural values from countries like Jamaica, Greece, New Zealand and Mexico.


The second conert which was displayed by the College section of the school was tagged ‘Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat’, talked about the story of Joseph and how he stood out in his family.


Halifield Schools’ mission statement is to inculcate positive values and beliefs, to have a shared sense of purpose, to promote positive relationship and instill a sense of trust.

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