Soyombo Urges Teachers To Become Facilitators, Coaches

Ronke Soyombo, Director General, Office of Education Quality Assurance, Lagos State Ministry of Education, has advised teachers in the state to upgrade to the 21st century by becoming class facilitators and coaches.

Soyombo gave the urge at the Association for Formidable Educational Development’s maiden African Education Conference which was recently held at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

The Director General, who spoke on the topic, ‘The need for quality and qualitative education’, made it known that education should be about teaching children to think, not just to read textbooks.

Nigerian Teacher. Photo:
Nigerian Teacher. Photo:

“We all need to go back to the drawing board and ask if we are teaching right. Children should be allowed to take ownership of their learning that would feature research and investigation. It should not be about teaching the child only what we know.

“We need to let the children take over or else we will keep producing graduates that are not suitable for the workplace and can’t strive to succeed in society because they cannot think for themselves.

“AFED schools keep getting better. Lagos schools are winning prices; we are getting better, however, we need to change the way we teach. We need to join hands with AFED to make education better. Proprietors should strive to be the best in teaching and learning.

“We are looking to have 21st century teachers who go beyond teaching to becoming facilitators and coaches not dictators, in our schools. So, school owners should work together, learn from each other and stop being an island because this is solely about the future of our children,” Soyombo stated.


She also called for the use of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication in teaching, as she urged AFED schools to focus on promoting reading and literacy, among other things.

“All schools should focus on providing a secured and conducive learning environment. It is also about the safety of schools buidings, not just their beauty,” she added.

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