Student of Cedar College Dies After Taking Juice

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PTC News

Family of Favour Ekemedili, a secondary school studnt of Cedar College, Baruwa, Lagos, has been thrown into mourning after she reportedly died of drinking beverage stated to have been poisoned with an insecticide, within the school premises.


Report revealed that late Favour was in the classroom receiving lectures with her classmates when she took the beverage.


Immediately after consuming the beverage, it was learnt that she started complaining of severe stomach ache and was rushed to the school’s sickbay for urgent medical treatment.


While the nurse on duty was examining her to ascertain the cause of the discomfort, Favour’s classmates, who saw when she took the beverage, were said to have showed the school management the leftover.


The beverage, after being examined, was discovered to be laced with poisonous substance and this prompted the management of the school to rush her down to the General Hospital.


Samuel Adeliyi, the Principal of the school, stated that it was discovered that the beverage Fvour took was the cause of her stomach ache, because her classmates saw when she drank it.



“On that faithful day, the first period was over and the teacher had left the class for the next teacher to come in. While they were waiting for the next teacher to come in, the girl stood up, brought out the drink from her bag, went to the window and started drinking it.


“As she was drinking it, she poured some quantity through the window. Her classmates even challenged her for pouring the beverage away, but she didn’t answer them and as the next teacher entered the class, she threw the bottle away through the window.


“About three minutes later, she started complaining of stomach ache and she fell down. The classmates quickly rushed her to the sickbay and while she was being attended to by the nurse, her classmates, who went in search of the bottle, brought it to the sickbay to show the nurse what she took.


“When they smelled the content, they realised that the drink was Snipper. So, the nurse realised that the case was beyond the capacity of the sickbay and rushed her to the hospital that the school uses,” the Principal narrated.


It was also reported that the mother of late Favour had blamed the management of the school for not properly monitoring her daughter while in their care.


The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bala Elkana, who confirmed the death in a statement on Sunday, said Favour died while receiving treatment at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) adding that the remaining content of the beverage bottle had been taken to the laboratory for testing.

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