Understanding each child’ll improve reading culture — Educationist

The Director of Courtville Preparatory School, Mr Deji Balogun, has said the key to improving reading culture among children and getting them to love reading is to know what each child likes.

Balogun spoke at the Laterna Ventures Children’s Day celebration in Victoria Island, Lagos, where pupils from various schools were read to by authors and parents.

He said, “As a parent, I know that children have different abilities and propensities to the task you put before them. The first step to take in getting children to embrace reading early is to know what each child likes. The challenge most parents have today is that we think that all our children must read at same pace and speed.

“We do not realise that some children might stagger, while some may just go straight into reading unaided. Others may want to read based on the characters they watch on television. If they see some of these characters in their books, it would interest them and they may begin to read. Basically, the goal is not just to have them to read but to love to read.”

Balogun also advised public and private school teachers to make learning fun even when teaching serious subjects like Mathematics.

“There should be ways teachers can bring fun into learning for the child. Ultimately, it is not about theoretical knowledge, it is more about experiential knowledge.”

On his part, the Head, Corporate Affairs Unit of Laterna Ventures, Nnaji Ugbaja, said the event was organised to emphasise the importance of reading.

“We organised this book reading because we felt there is no greater gift to give children than to teach them how to read and inspire them to continue reading. This is because the more you read, the better your chances of succeeding in life.”

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