UNICEF Urges Zamfara State To Pass Bill on Quality Education For Children

The United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) on Wednesday, urged the Zamfara State House of Assembly to pass a bill that would ensure quality education for the children in the state.

The Education Fund also demanded that the State should pass a bill on anti begging in the state and to ensure 30% appointments of women in the education sector in the state.

Students in classroom. Photo: UNICEF
Students in classroom. Photo: UNICEF

According to reports, the call was made by Dr. Zakari Adam, the Chief of Field Office, UNICEF Kaduna at the opening of a two-day meeting with members of the Assembly.

“UNICEF supported Zamfara High Level Women Advocates (HiLWA), who together with former members of the State House of Assembly and a team from ministry of justice developed the bills,” he noted.

Admas made it known that the bills were developed so as to ensure that children had access to quality basic education and for women to have enough opportunities of being appointed in decision making positions in the state education sector.

The UNICEF boss also explained that the meeting was targeted at bringing the new leadership of the House of Assembly into perspective and to intensify more efforts to consider the draft bills.

Nasiru Magarya, Speaker of the House, expressed satisfaction over the struggle of HiLWA and UNICEF for organising the meeting for public enlightenment on the bills.

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