University Don Describes Mathematical Modelling As Basics For Understanding Nature, Dev of Technology

Samuel Okoya, a professor of Mathematics at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in Osun state, has described Mathematical Modelling as the basics for understanding the nature, development of technology and socio-economic interactions.

Prof. Okoya revealed this in his keynote speech titled, ‘Mathemetics being the bedrock for Scientific and Technological Advancement’, at the 38th Nigerian Mathematical Society Annual Conference which was recently held at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Main Entance, OAU. Photo: Naija News
Main Entance, OAU. Photo: Naija News

The Mathematics Professor encouraged students and young mathematicians to develop interest in mathematical modelling and algorithm as well as efficient use of supercomputers in their quest for scientific and technological advancement which assures a promising future in diverse fields of human endeavours.

“Mathematics helps to earn a living and develop the power of reasoning which is why lawyers, brilliant actuarial practitioners, great economists and others advocate the teaching and learning of mathematical logic at the university level.

“The development of analytical methods, semi-analytical techniques and algorithms with computers are among the applicable cornerstones of applicable mathematics. The use of numerical computation has become well established in scientific and technological research over the years,” Okoya stated.


The professor of Mathematics added that even journalism was being reinvented as data journalism, which is application of mathematics, while mathematical biology had influenced various areas like neurobiology, neuroscience, pharmacology and biochemistry.

“Financial advisors also rely on sound econometric models, mathematical portfolio, forecasting equations and machine learning to determine business viability. Wide knowledge of mathematics and its applications are needed to build a viable local economy in a world dictated by technology,” Okoya added.

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